About the IB® Diploma Programme

The International School of Los Angeles is fully accredited to deliver the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme.

The International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme is a world-renowned curriculum that provides rigorous instruction in a range of subjects taught within a unified pedagogy that emphasizes the whole student. A set of fundamental values, called the IB Learner Profile, underpins the curriculum, and students are encouraged to apply learning to real-world issues in their course work and during extracurricular activities. The globally-minded perspective that results aligns with the International School of Los Angeles’ bilingual and multicultural values perfectly.


At the same time, students are encouraged to find balance in their education by taking courses from six subject groups, and may focus their learning with Higher Level courses. Autonomous thinking and learning skills are developed through a pedagogy founded on inquiry learning, where students are encouraged to explore and question an issue in order to understand it more deeply, and critical thinking skills are nurtured through discussion and investigation of multiple perspectives. Finally, IB students are well prepared for university by taking courses that are challenging enough to count for university credit, and by engaging in long-term research projects such as the 4,000-word Extended Essay. The IB offers an intensive learning experience through which students better understand themselves and their capacity to impact the world.