Student-led Clubs

Clubs give students a space in which to share ideas, practice leadership, and make their voices heard.

The International School of Los Angeles’ middle and high school student body has created a wide array of student-led clubs and initiatives, ranging from sharing passions to service learning and community involvement. We believe it is important to foster a sense of leadership and involvement within our student body. In alignment with our Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs), student-run clubs optimize a space in which students can be active learners, effective communicators, productive individuals, and active problem solvers who are involved with their school community and beyond. Through proposals and weekly progress reports, club leaders and participants learn how to manage and organize their time and resources to effectively reach their goals, all while having fun! 

Here are a handful of the clubs that are currently active on campus:

Open to anyone with a love for Anime or Manga, this club is a place for students to draw, cosplay, write and act in skits, and read their favorite Manga!

The Astronomy Club discusses interesting topics revolving around the planets, the solar system, and other aspects of our universe. The Club dedicates a part of the last week of every month to discussing current news or issues in astronomy.

Open to high schoolers, this is an after-school club in which students learn filmmaking techniques, from concept to product. The club aims to train young storytellers so that the film scene at the School continues to grow! Club members watch and analyze films, study iconic scenes, and create their own films to be submitted to festivals and competitions.

Through a high school and a middle school debate team, students are given the opportunity to learn rhetoric and the format for competitive debating. Both teams compete in tournaments against schools across the nation!

Ethiopia Reads is a worldwide organization dedicated to literacy development across Ethiopia. Through creating various programs for children and youth, Ethiopia Reads aims to create a culture of reading in Ethiopia. This club hosts fundraisers and book drives to benefit Ethiopia Reads.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a minority and discussion-based club which specifically deals with issues within the LGBTQ+ community. With meetings on a weekly basis, club members discuss a variety of topics regarding LGBTQ+ individuals as well as planning different fundraising and awareness projects focused on the campus community.

Founded by the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up is an initiative dedicated to raising money and awareness for women and girls in developing countries. The School’s Girl Up Club has been in the top five fundraising clubs in the world since its inception in 2014, and last year it was the top fundraising club in the country!

“Potter-heads” get together to share their Harry Potter passion and participate in games, readings, challenges, and tests. A club that every Harry Potter fan will love!

Key Club is an international organization that encourages leadership through service. Through Key Club, high school students perform acts of service via fundraising and other forms of activism in the community in order to teach themselves and the community the importance of engagement, and to experience the rewards that come with service activities.

The Gazette is a completely student-run, written, and produced school newspaper that highlights student life and current events. The club is open to all middle and high school students, and the newspaper features short stories, poetry, original art, and nonfiction articles.

Students in the middle and high school Model United Nations (MUN) clubs participate in global political simulations in order to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Both MUN clubs participate in various conferences throughout the year with other schools, and the high school MUN club travels to New York to join more than 5,000 other students in discussing current issues on a global scale.

Peer Mediation is a student-organized and run club wherein trained high school students provide counseling to middle school students who are dealing with personal issues, such as problems with teachers or other students. Club members attend Peer Mediation conferences during which they are coached in mediation techniques.

The Sunrise Movement is an organization that strives for youth involvement in political action on climate change. This club offers a chance for students to participate in marches, demonstrations, and other opportunities, while also educating and spreading awareness to their peers, with the goal of educating all students in a way that enables them to discuss climate issues in an informed manner.