Field Trips & Overseas Trips

Through its international education, the School aims to nurture socially-conscious students who will understand social and political issues in the real world. Our carefully-thought-out extended field trip program (both locally and internationally) further provides students the possibility to better understand the world. Experiences in Costa Rica, Washington, DC, and other destinations sow the seeds for personal growth, openness, and an embracing of the world.

Some of the extended field trips and overseas excursions that students in our International Track and IB® Diploma Programme have the opportunity to experience include:

  • the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, in the 10th grade year. Students enjoy four live performances, accompanied by workshops, prologues, and tours, all of which complement their in-class study of various performance texts.

  • near the end of 10th grade, we offer an experience in Washington, DC, through Close Up’s high school program. An opportunity “designed to inspire and empower students to become active participants in our democracy,” this trip is a direct reinforcement of our Expected School-wide Learning Result (ESLR) that students will become Involved Citizens who “develop a sense of human values such as democracy, respect for others, justice, and more.”

  • IB® students in 11th grade visit Quepos with GVI Costa Rica. Counting toward the students’ Creativity, Activity, Service hours, this service learning trip provides students a first-hand experience of what it means to be part of a diverse world. While in Costa Rica, students participate in beach cleanup, plant trees, teach English in a local school, and work to beautify local communities.