Notable Alumni

The International School of Los Angeles is proud to have a diverse alumni association, members of which live and work all across the world.

Our alumni are open-minded, confident, and caring critical thinkers who embody our core values of Excellence, Diversity, and Respect.

We invite you to get to know some of our standout alumni below.

Alumni Perspectives

Jessica Kain ’04 (IB)
Founding Director, Marpha Foundation

“Of all my teachers, from grade school to grad school, Barbara Kuhl gave me the most rigorous training in how to articulate and pursue my curiosities.”

Cori Duncan ’91 (FB)
CEO & Managing Partner, Jasper Ridge Partners

“The most important thing I learned at LILA was perseverance. I learned how to bounce back from all the little academic failures I experienced in my initial years.”

Emilie Siegler Morton ’10 (IB)
Principal, Gartner

“LILA, and particularly the IB program, not only understood, but encouraged thinking about the world in shades of grey. [This] is one of the longest lasting lessons I learned during my time at LILA.”

Victor M. Parker II ’07 (IB)
Director Corporate Communications, Ayzenberg

“As I started my studies at Macalaster College, the IB became a means of easily making new friends from international schools around the world.”